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Imagine #132- When he's reading your imagines

  • Ray Ray:

    He scrolls down silently, reading each imagine intently, his hand muffling his mouth. The only reaction you have to go off are his eyes widening and narrowing, plus the occasional splutter. You punch his arm and tell him not to laugh, but that only sets him off In reams of laughter, and soon, you can't help but join him, thankful that that momement in reality was something you once wrote about.

  • Roc Royal:

    You are cuddling in bed, your head nuzzled in his chest as he pulls out his phone and begins to read aloud. As soon as he starts, you instantly recognise that he is reading something you wrote a long time ago..about him. You grab his phone and stare at it, mortified. When you demand to know where he got these from his reply is even more shocking: "I've been reading these for think I didn't know?"

  • Prodigy:

    You finally agree to show him your blog. You sit him down on the couch and he places you on him lap, his head slightly tilted, ready to listen. You are comforted and put at ease at his mature outlook. The first few imagines go smoothly, so you push the boat out and begin to read an R rated one. As soon as he realises, he rolls back onto the couch, pulling you back with him. Before you know it, your underneath him, shaded by his smile. "Is that really all you thought about...?" He laughs, placing the first kiss on your neck.

  • Princeton:

    You are both in the bathroom, getting ready for work when you begin to read them aloud to him: He's behind the shower curtain and you are perched on the toilet seat. You read slowly, looking out for any reaction he may have. Soon in the absence of his reaction, you speed up, risking to read the more saucy parts of the imagines. Suddenly in an R rated imagine he grabs back the shower curtain in shock, forgetting he's naked. You blink at him in silence, and immediately he remembers, covering himself with it "So you've always had a dirty mind then...?" He laughs, flashing you one last time....

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